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Actors in Eagle Strike


Callan McAuliffe will be playing Alex Rider.  Alex Rider is a brave, mysterious, intelligent, tricky, tenacious, and enduring fourteen year old British school boy/spy.


Ryan Seacrest will be playing Damian Cray.  Damian Cray is a multi millionaire philanthropist/pop star who is short, good looking, but yet extremely crazy. 


Elizabeth Gillies will be playing Sabina Pleasure.  Sabina Pleasure is Alex's ordinary British girlfriend who is new to the spy world.  She is gorgeous, demanding, hard headed, emotional, and confused because of what she had just found out about Alex as well as Damian Cray's evil plan.


Gerard Butler will be playing Yassen Gregorovich.  Yassen Gregorovich is a cold hearted, insensitive, vigorous middle aged Russian killer who does what he does for money.


Anneliese van der Pol will be playing Jack Starbright.  Jack Starbright is Alex's redhead American caretaker who is genuinely concerned about Alex's safety.  She is charming, curious, concerned, apprehensive, and secretive. 

*Note: All actors were chosen to play their specific roles because they posses characteristics of the actual characters in the book as well as a similar physical appearance.