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Summary of Eagle Strike


The audacious and gallant fourteen year old British spy, Alex Rider, isn't spending his days rescuing  the world from pernicious psychopaths. Instead, he is enjoying an astonishing cloudless vacation in the south of France with his girlfriend's family. Until one day, he sees his uncle's killer and worldwide assassin, Yassen Gregorovich. Alex thought it was just coincidental seeing him in a tourist town until he overhears him talking business on his phone. Then the same exact day, Sabina's summer house is blown up and her dad is endangered of losing his life. Now Alex is caught up in the portentous, but deadly world of evil plans and mysteries. With just one quick phone call from a number he found on Yassen's phone, Alex learns that Yassen has been working with Damian Cray, the multi millionaire philanthropist/pop star who is known for making the world a better place. When Alex explains to  MI6 what's going on, they don't believe him, nobody does. With a near death experience in Damian Cray's "company" Alex finds out that he isn't what he seems to be. He is planning on launching twenty missiles through the entire world just so he can destroy drug fields, but with a huge price- destroying half the world and killing millions of innocent civilians. Alex once again has to save the world, but this time he is on his own because MI6 doesn’t believe him. With 90 minutes ticking on the clock, he has to stop Damian Cray and save his girlfriend who also got caught up in his erratic world at the same time.