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The Book Vs. The Movie

The prologue starts out with a scene of two men codenamed Cossack and Hunter who are trying to kill their target the "Commander", but don't succeed since Cossack had a black widow on his body.  Hunter had to pick between saving his partner or killing the target.  Then, the actual book starts off with Alex sun bathing in the south of France.  The prologue will not be in the movie simply because it's going to confuse the viewers.  They are two completely different scenes and with different characters, the viewers should focus on how the actual movie starts and not trying to figure out who that was or what happened.  Also, that scene is being taken out because of time purposes and it's unimportance.  It's not a big part of the book and it's not something that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

At the end of the book Mrs. Jones goes to see Alex at a London park without him knowing.  He doesn't listen to anything she says because Alex doesn't care, he is upset that MI6 didn't believe him and doesn't care about him.  Then, Alex asks about the plane driver Henryk and Mrs. Jones tells him he died when the plane crashed.  In the movie, this scene is going to be kept in, but with some changes.  When Alex asks about Henryk, Mrs. Jones will tell him he was working for MI6 and was suppose to keep an eye on Alex, without giving away the fact that he worked for them.  MI6 isn't only using Alex whenever they need him; they genially care about him so that's why they sent in Henryk, to make sure Alex didn't get himself killed.  Also, Henryk in the movie would not die, he was in risk of losing his life, but had managed to survive.  



Do you prefer the book or the movie?